Why is Yapstone no longer offering this service?
For many years, Yapstone has provided HomeAway partners the ability to received Advanced Payments.  Unfortunately, Yapstone is no longer able to offer this service for free.  Until now, Yapstone has been the only vacation payment processor we know of to offer Advanced Payments at no charge.  So, we have terminated the free version of the Advanced Payments service.  Yapstone is, however, re-launching Advanced Payments as a fee-based service.  As explained in our recent notice, we are changing from a free Advanced Payments service to a fee-based Advanced Payments service available to qualified hosts.  

Why wasn’t I given more notice?
We regret that we were not in a position to afford more notice of this change.  However, we have launched the new fee-based version of Advanced Payments effective from the time you select to opt-in on the email we sent you to minimize the impact to hosts.  

Does my HomeAway annual subscription cover the fees for Advanced Payments?
No.  Your annual subscription fees are paid to HomeAway. The Advanced Payments service is offered by Yapstone and is related to your choice to use Yapstone’s Advanced Payments feature.

I pay a fee of 3% per transaction: what does this cover?
The 3% per transaction fee, paid to Yapstone, covers the cost of credit card processing (card issuer fee, payment processing fee and card brands fee), customer support, and fraud management. The transaction fee remains the standard fee for the Check-In Payment service and does not include the Advanced Payments service offering.

What does the discontinuance of the free Advanced Payments service mean?
The discontinuance of the free Advanced Payments service means that your payments will be processed under Yapstone’s Check-In Payment service until you opt-in to the new fee-based Advanced Payments service.  Click here to Opt-In.  Once you opt-in to the fee-based Advanced Payments, payments we receive from your Guests will be delivered to you shortly after the time of booking. If you choose not to opt-in the payments will be delivered after the Guest checks in.  Click here to Opt-In.

I don’t want to opt-in now, can I opt-in at a later stage?
Yes.  So long as Yapstone is processing payments to you, you are eligible to apply for Yapstone’s fee-based Advanced Payment service.

What are the Advanced Payment fees?
Yapstone has created a low fee of an additional 3% (6% total), for the Advanced Payments service for all HomeAway customers who Opt-In to the new Advanced Payments.  Click here to Opt-In.  

I have a second payment due for a booking and I am not opting-in will that be on Advanced Payments?
No.  Effective immediately, any payments received by Yapstone (including second installments of a booked transactions) on the free Advanced Payments service will be processed under Yapstone’s Check-In Payment service unless you qualify for – and opt-in to – the new fee-based Advanced Payments.  Click here to Opt-In.  If you do not opt-in, you will receive the payment (second installment) shortly after your Guest checks in instead of shortly after Yapstone receives it.  If, however, you qualify for the new fee-based Advanced Payments service and opt-in to it before the check in occurs, the second payment would be accelerated under the new service.

How I do become qualified for Advanced Payments?
Yapstone will review your profile and history after you opt-in and will let you know should you not qualify to receive this fee-based product.

Does this change any of the other terms of my contract with Yapstone?
The change from a free Advanced Payments service to Check-in Payments is permitted by and consistent with the agreement between you and Yapstone.  By electing to opt-in to the new fee-based Advanced Payments service, you re-affirm your existing agreement, which can be found here: Yapstone Client Service Agreement.

I have opted-in to fee-based Advanced Payments but some of my payments are showing on check-in. Why is this?
Payments made more than 12 months in advance of the check-in date are not eligible for Advanced Payments. These payments will be sent to your account after the guest checks-in.